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About | Shelley Morrow

During 2010 I took the plunge and became a full-time, self-employed artist. I also partnered with another artist, Jake Spicer, to create a dedicated studio for running life drawing classes in Brighton called Draw. Draw became a thriving community of artists, tutors and life models and my drawing, painting and teaching skills had the opportunity to flourish.

Since the pandemic, like so many, I turned to teaching online, specialising in watercolour. I discovered some huge benefits of teaching virtually, for example my overhead webcam made clear demonstrations possible, and the opportunity arose to meet artists all over the world. Through many years of experience I understand that those who wish to pursue drawing and painting can sometimes find it overwhelming and benefit from having techniques explained in manageable bite-sized chunks. For this reason my classes focus on one aspect of painting per session in order to build a steady growth of knowledge and skills as well as confidence. I also encourage people to find their own voice and follow their intuition. My courses run weekly, over a five week period and offer a supportive, personal and positive environment.


Watercolour Course 1

This is a perfect  course for complete beginners or those “ brushing “ up their skills . 

Shelley is an excellent teacher . Each session is very well organised with clear directions, follow up notes and a video. With a maximum of 5 people , there is plenty of time to ask questions as you work. 

The emphasis is on playing with watercolours but all the time Shelley is skill building and at the end of each class you feel you have something concrete  to keep “playing” with. In fact she positively encourages you to send your work to her throughout the week . I was so nervous about this but once I’d begun it was difficult to stop ! 

In the space of 5 weeks I have come away with knowledge about materials , techniques, styles and how to paint . 
She has convinced me I can . I look forward to part 2 . 

Pat Gilbey May 2021


Watercolour Course 1

My first watercolour painting course with Shelley Morrow was amazing!  She is so experienced and she shares all that experience with you weekly.  She has really made me love watercolour painting through her enthusiasm and her down to earth approach. I can’t wait to do her next watercolour painting course.
Lee Sutherland May 2021


Watercolour Course 1,2 &3

It has been an incredible gift to have been able to take  watercolor classes by Shelley Morrow.   I have admired her work on Instagram and when she started offering live Zoom classes I was thrilled.  Her classes are full of tips and techniques for every level. Can’t wait to take more!

Jodi Korey 

April 2021

Watercolour Course 1,2 &3 

I have completed all three watercolour courses with Shelley Morrow and would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. I resonated well with Shelley's way of teaching. Her clear, specific and honest  style helped me to gain understanding and appreciation of benefits and challenges of working with watercolour and what it takes to produce a quality artwork. Shelley encourages you to apply the tools and techniques to your own projects, stimulating personal creativity and exploration. I learnt a lot  from  Shelley's classes and produced several artworks with ease and enjoyment. 

Iryna Nimmo (Feb-Apr 2021 student)

Watercolour Course  2 & 3

I have never been quite so excited by watercolour as I was encouraged to experiment with colour and techniques through a fabulous series of well thought out engaging sessions.

Jane Holter April 2021

Watercolour Course 1 & 3

The courses that I’ve done with Shelley have been thoroughly well designed to support people who are complete beginners as well as people like me who want to get back into painting with watercolour. I appreciated Shelley’s warmth and encouragement – it gave me permission to play and explore, without the pressure to ‘get it right’. From a technical viewpoint Shelley has her camera set up so that you can follow every brush stroke, which is a wonderful and unanticipated advantage of online learning. It’s been a real bonus to have access to both a PDF and the film of each session that is made available soon afterwards (although you do have to remind her to press record). I am happy to recommend Shelley’s courses.

Noelle McCormack

April 2021


2019.        Artwave West, Dorset 

2019.        Green Tree Gallery Spring Show, Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath 

2018.        MA & Other Postgraduates Exhibition, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset 

2018.        Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London 

2017.        Spring Show, Artwave West Gallery, Dorset 

2017.        Works on Paper Fair, Science Museum, London Whitely Art Gallery

2016.        East Sussex Open, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne

2016.        Autumn show, Artwave West, Dorset 

2015.        Works on Paper Fair, Science Museum, London, Whitley Art Gallery

2015.        Paper|Couture, Birley Centre, Eastbourne

2014.        Life Line, Worthing Museum

2013.        Pure Autumn Art Fair, Pure Arts Group, Battle, East Sussex

2013.        ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

2010.        Paper and Stone, Hop Gallery, Lewes




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